FourFourTwo USA Reassures Fans That Listicles Will Only Last A Short While Until They Pivot To Video Hot Takes

Online soccer publication FourFourTwo USA, today, reassured fans that their pivot away from in-depth written content towards listicles will only last a short while until they pivot to cat memes, video hot takes and personality driven 90 second take downs of global soccer events.



"THE WRITTEN WORD IS DEAD," claimed FourFourTwo editor in chief Richard Withers. "It's time for us to transition to irreverent cat memes and poorly constructed video where talking heads yell at each other about some stupid bullshit. That's what the kids want these days."

A number of fans of the online magazine were reportedly disturbed by these claims as they vociferously decried barrel scraping listicles about the "Top 20 most interesting East German defenders you never saw because you were born in the 90s" and 3 minute videos recapping absolutely nothing.

"I want content and the ability to read well researched pieces about the game," stated soccer fan Heather Wilson. "I don't need idiots yelling at each other and a website ranking the biggest idiots in soccer. If I wanted that I'd just listen to my idiot cousin Jeff."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as FourFourTwo fires more journalists to make from for the Jeff Wilson 5 Minute Hot Take video series.