Podcast Host Maintains That The Best Soccer Content Comes In The Fourth Hour Of Six Hour Show

Houston, TX - Dynamo podcast host Jeremy Munoz continued to state that the best content on his 14 man call-in podcast on the Houston Dynamo comes in the fourth hour of the irreverent show that blends an attempt at humor with endless conversations about the minutia of his soccer club.



"Trust me when I say that you really need to make it to the fourth hour to get our podcast," stated Munoz to The Nutmeg News. "All the content from the fourth hour on is really just amazing, thought provoking, and educational. You really need to give it a go."

Friends of Munoz say that their ability to listen to a six hour podcast is impossible, despite giving frequent assurance to Munoz that they are listening.

"Yeah, I try to listen to about 30 minutes in order to get some of the inside jokes so I can reference them, but I have shit to do. I'm not listening to a 6 hour soccer podcast," stated friend Dave Van Hatten. 

Munoz, none the less, continued to press friends into the idea that they needed to listen to the first 3 hours in order to "get" the fourth hour on of "Dynamo Dealings FM."

"The last episode we got into a long form discussion of the first three hours of the show in the fourth hour of the show and then we talked about the fifth hour of the show so that when we got to the sixth hour of the podcast we were just ready to throw out all our inside jokes," stated Munoz. "You should give it a try. I recommend our 8 hour show from three weeks ago. It was very good after about the 5th hour, but there were some great periods in the 2nd hour."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Munoz continues to archive his posts so that everyone can get the inside jokes from hour 5 of show 43 of year 3.