"Moving The Rowdies Here After MLS Got Bored With The Market Was Our Only Chance To Get An MLS Team," States Upset Las Vegas Soccer Fan

LAS VEGAS - Local soccer fan Deryk Valenzuela admitted that he was upset that the Tampa Bay Rowdies bid to join Major League Soccer (MLS) fell apart (according to a recent report in Sports Illustrated) as he realized that having the Rowdies eventually move to Las Vegas after MLS got bored with the market and the team started demanding stadium renovations in 10/15 years was the only way his city was going to get a decent MLS team.


"I want an MLS team in Las Vegas and the only way we are getting one is if we steal one from another city," stated Valenzuela to The Nutmeg News. "We watched it happen in Austin, we watched it happen in Houston and in Orlando and now in Salt Lake, in the NWSL."

While Valenzuela admitted that he knew about the Las Vegas Lights as he stated, "I'm not going to follow that USL shit," to our reporter.

"I only want the top tier teams and the way that you get a team in Major League Soccer is either by having a sugar daddy owner buy his way into the league with a sack full of money or by stealing one from another city. I don't want the Rapids, when Stan Kroenke gets tired of owning them.... I want the Rowdies. We could even keep the name. The Las Vegas Rowdies sounds great."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Valenzuela continues to hope for a breakthrough in the Rowdies to MLS bid so he can plan on having a MLS team in 15 years when the league gets tired of the market.