Blowhard Who Completely Failed At His Job Given Air Time To Talk About Why He Isn't Responsible

Blowhard and ex-coach Bruce Arena was, reportedly, given air time on Tuesday to talk about why he wasn't responsible for the United States failure to make the 2018 World Cup.


People who were forced to watch the babbling idiocy of Rob Stone, Alexi Lalas and Bruce Arena yukking it up in the studio talking about national team quotas stated that they felt a large amount of anger that one of the men responsible for the failure of the United States was given such leeway.

"If I failed at my job that much I would be fired without severance and asked to leave the building," stated Emergency Room nurse Jaqui Reynolds. "It's amazing how many opportunities you get in life if you are a male sanctimonious blowhard."

Pipefitter Larry Henderson stated, "If I was told to do a job and I failed to do so, I wouldn't get another cushy job explaining why things happened the way it did. I would be chastened, disciplined and likely fired. In the real world, failure has consequences. I guess things are easier when Fox has low standards and they need a muppet with a superiority complex."

The Nutmeg News will probably have more on this because assuredly Bruce Arena has more dumb things to say.