"4 Generations Of Regina Pats Fans And You Bring Soccer Merchandise Into My Home On Thanksgiving?"

Regina, SK - York University student Graham Newberry returned home to his parents house in Regina for Thanksgiving only to find a nonplussed family confused over his recent conversion to soccer as his father politely stated, "Four generations of Regina Pats fans from 1917 to now and you bring soccer merchandise into my home on Thanksgiving?"

"See, guys? It was amazing!"

"See, guys? It was amazing!"

According to insider sources, Newberry returned home wearing a Giovinco kit with a club scarf to his parents house in order to celebrate Thanksgiving together as a family before realizing that his new found addiction to the club soccer game exposed his, now, continental taste in the global game.

"I bet you like latte's and art films depicting mans struggle against his deeper impulses now," stated younger brother Tommy who quickly quizzed Newberry as to the alphabetic list of player sweaters retired by the Pats to see if he had already forgotten his roots. 

Newberry tried to explain this mother Doris that Toronto FC might be the best MLS team ever in the history of the league, however Doris Newberry stated, "that's nice dear," while starting a DVR replay of the 2017 Everest Curling challenge from August and asking her son to make some coffee.

The Nutmeg News will have more on Newberry's struggle as he tries to show Youtube videos of the fans from Toronto FC's shield win against the New York Red Bulls to his brother Billy in order to indoctrinate him.