Amateur Team's USOC Strategy Is To Win First Game And Forfeit Due To Travel Costs

Biloxi, MS - Amateur soccer team Mullet Lake United FC, stated that their preferred US Open Cup (USOC) strategy was to host and win their first game in the tournament, and forfeit the next game due to travel costs as they are unable to make a trip to North Carolina for their next game.

Don't break these cones! These are the only ones we have!

Don't break these cones! These are the only ones we have!

"Are you kidding me?" stated director, head coach, massage therapist, public relations manager, owner, goalkeeper and second foward Elliot Nelson. "We were missing a midfielder for the first game we played because he couldn't get the night shift off at Beau Rivage. There's no WAY we can afford to play in North Carolina."

Mullet Lake United reportedly thought about submitting a gofundme but their request was refused by the website due to an overwhelming number of US Open Cup teams already requesting funds for their early qualifiers.

"We were just too late to the party, but at least we had a historic victory," stated Nelson. "We are happy with our result and we gladly forfeit our right to the next team in hopes that we will have two home games next tournament."

The Nutmeg News will have more as this happens over and over, every year.