Assholes Of North American Soccer: Anthony Precourt

In our continuing series, "Assholes Of North American Soccer," we present the worst people in North American soccer. 

Today the nomination for Asshole Of North American Soccer comes from WT of Galena, Oh.

"My nomination is for Anthony Precourt who bought the Columbus Crew with the intention of moving them, at a later date, to a city that he liked better so that he could make more money. He threatened the city of Columbus, one game before they have a playoff run, to provide him with a stadium downtown or he would move the franchise, an idea that he apparently wanted to do anyway."

Well done, Anthony Precourt and, today, we induct you into the Asshole Hall Of Fame.



Anthony wins the title of most hated man in US Soccer for a period of 24 to 48 hours before everyone turns on Don Garber for enabling this.