Garber Blames Mandela Effect For Confusion On Cienfuegos MVP Trophy

NEW YORK - Don Garber, the Comissioner of Major League Soccer, blamed the Mandela Effect for the common confusion of the naming rights on the Major League Soccer Mauricio Cienfuegos MVP Trophy stating, "I don't know how this whole rumor got started, but we didn't name it for Landon Donovan."

The MVP Trophy name sake.

The MVP Trophy name sake.

Garber clarified his remarks by stating, "This whole situation is exactly like that Berenstain/Berenstein Bears situation. Everyone is just remembering things incorrectly. The general public don't understand the rigorous qualifications that we have for the naming rights on our trophy. We love Landon and we thank him for everything he did, but we wouldn't name an MVP trophy for a small-market player that is currently playing. We wish him all the best in 2017 with RSL, but the MVP trophy is something that would be named for a historical legend. It's been the Cienfuegos MVP trophy for some time."

According to sources with Major League Soccer, they believe that the confusion came from the fact that both players pulled on the LA Galaxy kit and both played in the midfield.

"We feel that it is important to note that it is the Cienfuegos MVP trophy now and in the future and forever," stated Garber as he concluded his remarks.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this when the Dema Kovalenko MVP Trophy is presented at the end of the 2017 season.