"THIS Is The Year For The US Open Cup," States Fan For 10th Consecutive Year

WASHINGTON - "THIS is the year for the US Open Cup," stated DC United fan Robert Andrews for the tenth consecutive year as his thoughts turned once more to the little tournament that could.

"I know I've said this before, but this is the season the USOC breaks out," ranted Andrews to his friends who simply nodded their head as they ignored him by scanning Twitter. 

"What with the new stadium at Buzzard Point and the expansions in MLS, USL; and even NASL still being alive... I'm just feeling like this is the season that everyone in the United States just sits up and takes notice."

According to insider sources, Andrews was on his fifth cup of coffee when this epiphany hit him as his relentless positivity turned into a flowing waterfall of good feelings.

"There's going to be brackets and discussions and betting and better streams... oh man... I can't wait. It's the US Open Cup, man. ITS THE CUP! STAND UP FOR THE CUP!"

Mr. Andrews friends were compelled, at this time, to restrain him and force him to read Twitter and online blogs for 30 minutes until he was sufficiently depressed enough about the world to come to the conclusion that this is not the year.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Andrews starts talking about the new United stadium in hushed tones.