Minnesota United Inadvertently Draft Grad Student In 2nd Round Of SuperDraft

LOS ANGELES - Reports from the draft floor indicate that Minnesota United mistakenly drafted graduate student Adisa Bello in the 2nd Round of the MLS SuperDraft this afternoon.

"Did you see that kid from Akron? He looks athletic!"

"Did you see that kid from Akron? He looks athletic!"

Bello, a visiting fellow at the University of Southern California attended the NSCAA hoping to learn more about American collegiate soccer and the differences to his native Ghana.

"My dissertation covers global sport in society and how that intersects with micro communities. I'm studying how immigrants use it to adapt to new cultures," said Bello.

Sources indicate that Bello was formally scouted when he took a seat in the audience and MNUFC mistook him for a left back they were targeting from the University of Akron.

Minnesota's technical staff tried to explain the error. "He was wearing a suit and looked like he belonged so we just went with it. Obviously we're horribly embarrassed but we're still looking forward to having Adisa on the team. Look, admittedly scouting is still a need throughout the league. To be completely honest, we don't know who half these guys are but we're really excited to have them be part of the family."

To his credit Bello took the case of mistaken identify in stride. "Hey, at least I got this cool scarf with the bird on it."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as we cover the MLS SuperDraft