Minnesota United Scarf Enthusiast Keeps Watchful Eye On 10 Day Forecast

Minneapolis, MN - Minnesota United scarf enthusiast and soccer fan James Kimball admitted that he has kept a watchful eye on the 10 days forecast in order to allow him to find the appropriate time for wearing his extensive collection of scarves in appropriate weather.



"I'm only 10 degrees away from not being made fun of anymore," stated Kimball to The Nutmeg News. "Ever since the temps started dropping closer to the 50's I thought that I was getting closer to a time where I can appropriately wear my scarves. It's so close I can touch it."

Despite time pushing ever closer towards the end of the NASL season, Kimball hopes that he can finally book end his season by wearing a scarf to a game where he isn't perpetually sweating his face off.

"It's finally going to happen! I really believe that Tuesday is the day! It might not be gameday, but even if I have to stay up til midnight, I'll finally have a reason to wear a gameday scarf! TUESDAY IS THE DAY (or night)! After that, I'm pinning my hopes on the home game against Edmonton. Let's Go FALL!"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Kimball hastens the opportunity to wear a scarf by opening the windows on his car as he drives in circles on Saturday evening in order to get "the chills".