Man Logs In To MLS Fantasy Soccer Website For Second Time This Season

Athens, GA - After spending 15 minutes resetting his password, Jeff Carlisle, a soccer fan and burgeoning Atlanta United Ultra, admitted that with one month left in the season he decided to log into his fantasy MLS website for the second time all season to see how his team is doing.

The next step is acceptance.

The next step is acceptance.

"Looks to be OK," stated Carlisle as he logged back out for the rest of 2016. "I made a few trades, updated my lineup and did all the possible features I could do before becoming completely bored and just giving up on it again for the rest of the season."

Reportedly, Carlisle only expressed interest in seeing what his fantasy team was doing when he realized that the season was over and remembered he had one in the first place.

"Yep. Well. Um. Ok," stated Carlisle as he closed out the website for the rest of 2016.  

The Nutmeg News will have more on this development as Carlisle tries to talk himself into playing, but... you know... actually trying to do well in 2017.