Sounders Fan 100% Certain That In Stadium Direction Caused Road Win

Orlando, FL - Travelling Seattle Sounders fan Rob Hoskins of Tacoma stated loudly to fellow fans that he was, "categorically certain that this win came from my in stadium directions".

Picture: from twitter user  @vitalogist

Picture: from twitter user @vitalogist

"I know for certain that Lodeiro and I locked eyes as I frantically pointed out the direction for him to pass the ball," stated Hoskins to The Nutmeg News on Monday. "It is patently clear that the team relied upon my instructions on how and where to press, where to pass and how to play in order to create a victory on the road."

Fans that stood around Hoskins stated that he spent the entire time yelling and gesturing at the field like some kind of wild maniac.

"He kept yelling 'switch... SWITCH', and 'FIND DEMPSEY... FIND DEMPSEY' while pointing in that general direction," stated Steve Sidwell of Tampa who traveled up to see the game with fellow Seattle fans. "I don't know what he thought he was accomplishing but he turned around after the win and told us, 'you're welcome' as he bowed to the travelling support, so he must have thought that he did SOMETHING."

Hoskins reported that his mental connection was felt at its strongest in the second half as he started to be able to sense where Lodeiro was going to pass before he even did it as Hoskins claimed, "I felt a oneness with the team as a whole. It was a zen moment where my in stadium direction clearly gave them the boost to overcome the travel in order to win."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Hoskins brings a bullhorn next time in order to clearly indicate the appropriate direction to run and pass to Sounders Players at home games.