Man Already Planning On Protesting Pro-Futsal League Til Promotion And Relegation Are Instituted

Dallas, TX - Soccer fan and avowed MLS hater Delmond Travis has stated that he plans on protesting the not yet existent Pro Futsal League until it institutes promotion and relegation across all levels of competition.



"I don't care that they don't even have an established infrastructure, yet," stated Travis to The Nutmeg News on Monday. "If they don't have promotion and relegation on the first day then I am out."

Reportedly, frustrated with the state of professional soccer in the United States and Canada, Travis has taken it upon himself to advocate for a system of promotion and relegation at all levels of soccer, even the non-existent ones.

"I don't care that there aren't lower level teams in the United States, or that these teams would be run on a shoestring budget. If promotion and relegation comes in then you can bet that these teams would be able immediately travel across the United States for games in big markets. It is imperative that we establish this system in this league that doesn't exist with these teams that don't exist for a sport that may fail professionally before it gets going."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Travis sends some sternly worded tweets about the situation to the PFL from his locked twitter account.