Columbus Crew Still Waiting For 2016 Season To Start

Columbus, OH - Players for the Columbus Crew were reportedly still waiting for the 2016 season to start as they watched many of the teams in Major League Soccer getting ready for the stretch run into the playoffs.

 See? 8 other teams have started the season!!

See? 8 other teams have started the season!!

"I keep asking Gregg when the season is going to begin," stated designated player Federico Higuain. "I found it very odd to find out that my hernia injury would not be affecting what should be the time when we should be fighting for the playoffs, but Gregg indicated that we would be fine and ready to go when the season kicks off."

According to insider sources, many of the Crew players found the fact that the season had not begun by August 3rd to be more than odd but they continued their preparation for the upcoming games anyway.

"At some point, I assume we are going to be playing games that matter instead of friendlies and exhibitions to get ready for 2016,"stated Crew midifelder Ben Swanson. "I'll just continue working on my rehabilitation from this injury that came out of nowhere and hope that the season starts soon."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Crew players try to determine whether they should just start getting ready for 2017 as the 2016 season is already more than half over.