Woman Only Two Articles Away From Hating The Sport She Covers

LOS ANGELES - NWSL and MLS writer Hannah Brooke admitted that she is only two articles away from hating the sport that she covers religiously for free in her spare time.

Oh, another article on Hope Solo? How original. I hope The Nutmeg News burns in hell.

Oh, another article on Hope Solo? How original. I hope The Nutmeg News burns in hell.

"I started to feel the twinge while I was writing an article on international players returning from the olympics to the NWSL and I realized that the twinge was a desperate amount of passionate dislike for all the machinations and mechanisms that I've covered over the past 5 years that are slowly building up into a constant state of frustration, hate, and dislike," stated Brooke to The Nutmeg News on Friday. 

"I was able to shake off that feeling and finish the article without a huge amount of cynicsm, but I feel that it is only a matter of time before covering the thing that I love in-depth will turn me against that thing for the foreseable future."

Brooke stated that she started to feel this at the beginning of the 2016 NWSL season when she was already tired of writing about the league player machinations, pay concerns, league viability, attendance, marketing, and individual player concerns before the season even began.

"It's been a slow process but writing about that thing that I love has made the love start to wane, so I'm not entirely certain what I'm going to do if writing about the thing that I love makes me hate the thing that I love so that I eventually hate my writing about that thing that I used to love. It's only a matter of time, and the story that kills my love of writing about the game and the game itself will probably be an international player telling the NWSL to wait while she recovers on a beach somewhere."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Brooke tries to unwind by just watching a soccer game for fun instead of trying to find a story in it about which to write.