Canada Prepares For Game As US Soccer Protest Continuation Of Soccer Tournament

Rio De Janeiro, BR - Canada continued their preparation for their semi-final game against Germany today as the debate over whether the Olympic Women's Soccer Tournament should continue without the United States involved, raged.

© @StephLabbe - They are still playing....... What's the excuse USA?

© @StephLabbe - They are still playing....... What's the excuse USA?

According to insider sources, someone with United States Soccer filed a formal protest and grievance against the Olympic Soccer tournament for the act of continuing to play without the United States.

The Nutmeg News was able to obtain part of the written complain which stated, "Ya'll owe us EVERYTHING. We should be included. We built this tournament. We made it big. We made all your teams big. We paved the way and brought soccer to the forefront. Every woman want's to be us, everyone person wants to watch us. We are King Kong. You can't eliminate us, we will eliminate you!"

The United States Olympic Committee wouldn't comment on the leaked documents as they stated, "We cannot comment on the veracity of the documents that you have seen. However, we must categorically state that without the United States in the Women's Soccer Tournament that no one cares. The United States is the best and the biggest and everyone requires our presence at all times in every tournament, but no more so than in the olympics. We believe that the United States should always make the final and that to elminate them needlessly DOES show a lack of foresight on the part of the International Olympic Comittee."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the games continue, the tournament rolls on and Canada plays Germany for a chance at an Olympic Final.