Relentless Crank Already Lining Up New People To Blame After Schmid Firing

Redmond, WA - Donald Ferris, a Sounders fan and relentless crank, admitted that he was already lining up new people in the Sounders organization to blame for last season, this season and next season after Sigi Schmid was fired on Tuesday.

 #SIGIOUT .... er... wait.... um.... #LAGERWEYOUT

#SIGIOUT .... er... wait.... um.... #LAGERWEYOUT

"It's important for me to appropriately place the blame," stated Ferris to The Nutmeg News. "With Sigi gone, now, we must have an accurate amount of blame placing being done on the front office."

Reportedly, Ferris spent the last three years campaigning for the removal of Schmid only to suddenly switch his technique after the removal of the head coach and suggest that perhaps it wasn't Schmid's fault, this season.

"SURE SIGI WAS THE PROBLEM... BUT WAS HE THE ONLY PROBLEM,?! #Foreshadowing " ranted Ferris on his twitter account as he desperately lashed out at someone else to blame.

"I can only say that I've been carefully curating a list of people within the Sounders organization to blame over the course of the last few months and I plan to shift my #SigiOut campaign, now, to the people who deserve it the most," stated Ferris.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Ferris takes credit for the firing of Schmid.