Journalist Files Entire US Open Cup Game Report In Emoji

NEW YORK - Soccer Journalist Frederik Aalmondstadt filed an entire game report for the recent US Open Cup game between the New York Cosmos and the New England Revolution in emoji, following a new trend by Journalists, Twitter users, and 12 year old children of being unable to write anything legible.

Mr. Aalmondstadt started his match report with the following notice which reflected the game kicking off.

He then included this to indicate when Ruben Bover scored for the Cosmos

And he continued his in depth analysis with the following items which indicated the goal scored by Sebastian Guenzatti

Mr Aalmondstadt closed his match report with the following emoji that indicated the New York Cosmos lost the game.

Editors for Mr. Aalmondstadt were reportedly aghast at this new development stating that he had, "sunk to a new low of pandering towards illiterate people with zero social skills and an inability to write anything worth reading."

Reportedly, however, Mr Aalmondstadt was unabashed in his usage of emojis for match reports stating that the, "On fleek dope shiznit was what millennials into phubbing understood as the truth 100 hundo." As well, the erudite Mr Aalmondstadt stated, "Sorry, not sorry #TheStruggleIsReal. STAY WOKE!"

Aalmondstadt reportedly backed out of his editors office while frantically doing the dab and flashing deuces.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the death of the written word continues unabated.