MLS Cosplay Hooligan Longs For Time When He Can Cause Team To Implode Like Croatian Fans

San Jose, CA - Earthquakes fan and cosplay hooligan, Stephen Brandice Jr, admitted that he watched the Croatia - Czech Republic game in Euro 2016 with absolute longing as he prayed for the day when he could cause his own team to implode and throw a flare on the field.

 Real lads wear New Jersey Nets kits in the stands.

Real lads wear New Jersey Nets kits in the stands.

"God, if we were just serious enough this could be US," stated Mr Brandice to a collection of anonymous people on the Ultras-Tifo forum where he posts his political rants and greivances against corporate culture in the stands. "Instead we just sit around as tools of a conglomeration while true hooligan culture simmers below the surface."

Reportedly, Mr Brandice has often thought about bringing flares to an Earthquakes game but realizes that he just doesn't want to lose his stadium privileges. However, this miniscule amount of rational thought doesn't prevent him from ordering balaclavas and dreaming of a time where a shirtless Brandice will run onto the field with a smoke bomb and a flare to confront Chris Wondolowski after he misses a sure fire goal.

"It's our game, we must take it back! It's the game of the working class!" stated Mr Brandice before he got ready at his shift at 365 Data Centers as a server administrator. "If we don't bring hooligan and ultra culture to the United States, other international countries will not respect us."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Stephen posts a 200 word screed about snitches in Ultras groups while downloading his new linux distro and shopping on Amazon.