Winner Of Chicago Fire - Indy 11 Game To Take Home Bronzed Peter Wilt

CHICAGO - Chicago Fire and Indy 11 fans announced that the supporters groups of both teams have pitched together to create a memorable trophy for the winners of the Peter Wilt US Open Cup derby. That is, that the winner of the game will take home a freshly coiffed and bronzed Peter Wilt for one year.

So fresh and so clean!

So fresh and so clean!

Reportedly, Fire and Indy 11 fans are eager to have the stakes ratched up in the Wilt Derby as they both have a chance to take home the beloved and fan friendly exective.

"We ensured that Peter worked on a nice base to give a good color to his face," stated Hollywood Tan team coordinator Holly Brasso. "Then we worked with some spray tanner to ensure that we wouldn't run the risk of any long term UV exposure. In this way, Peter is going to have a nice, ruddy, summer glow to allow him to be the prize that both Section 8 and the Brickyard Battallion crave."

The Nutmeg News spoke with Andrew Hauptman's receptionist who informed us that Andrew was not available to talk about, "the Spark or whatever that thing is that we keep calling about."

However the Fire executives respond, fans are reportedly agog over the chance to have Peter Wilt interface with them again in a positive manner.

"I can't wait!" stated Fire fan Jeremy Touchaine "I'm going to take my bronzed Wilt home and show it off to my wife!"

As well, Indy 11 fans are highly protective of Peter Wilt as fan Dennis Delome stated to The Nutmeg News, "You can't have the man who was there at the beginning, who helped kick this off! This is our Wilt, our golden god! I'm planning on putting him up on the mantle for the time I have him. I'm just going to let him sit there giving me advice about starting an NASL squad."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as fans wait with baited breath for their chance to touch the bronzed Wilt.