High Copa America Ticket Prices Officially The Fault Of San Francisco Man

San Francisco, CA - When Hector Gomez started getting his friends into soccer he never realized that he single handedly would be to blame for allowing the US Soccer Federation to set absolutely absurd prices for the Copa America.

Hey look, a soccer fan.

Hey look, a soccer fan.

"Frankly, It's absolutely sickening to think that all the hard work I did of getting my friends and neighbors into soccer has been repayed by $225 upper deck pricing for the United States game," stated Mr Gomez to The Nutmeg News on Monday.

Reportedly, Mr Gomez spent 30 years turning his friends and family onto soccer by carefully educating them and showing them games, tournaments and leagues. He attended as many games as he could that came to his state including his beloved Mexico and United States. He even cheered for the San Jose Earthquakes alongside his beloved Cruz Azul in Liga MX and had plans to attend the United States game in Seattle.

"To see all the hard work that we, as fans, have done building this sport squandered by a greed soaked US Soccer Federation and Copa America is something I didn't think I would live to see. The fact that tickets have become so expensive in such a short amount of time just shows that Americans running soccer only know how to over commercialize something and then price it to death."

Reportedly, Mr Gomez has been turned off more and more by this customer fleecing at the international level, but his joy for the game itself, remains.

"I still love futbol and I will always love futbol. I just don't have to love the people that run futbol. And I'm not about to start arguing in favor of what makes the most money for them at the detriment of fans around the rest of the continent."