Proper Hooligan Plans MLS Firm Punch Up After He Finishes Updating Nginx Server To 1.10.1

Denver, CO - Proper hooligan, Dale Jeffers, has stated that he plans on planning a scheduled fight between Major League Soccer firms just as soon as he finishes updating his Nginx server to the current release of 1.10.1.

"This is for my club and my city!"

"This is for my club and my city!"

"We are going to have a right proper punch up!" stated Jeffers to The Nutmeg News on Friday. "Just as soon as I document all these "CreateFile() failed" errors that were generated when I started creating temporary files on Windows. Fortunately, according to the Nginx change log, when I update all the way to 1.10.1 that will fix all these bugs and then we are GOING TO HAVE A RIGHT SCRUM IN THE STREETS IN OUR BEST SHELL SUITS AND TRAINERS!"

Jeffers and fellow administrators that coordinate Sharepoint and Salesforce implementations belong to a Rapids firm by the name of "The Hard Boyz Of IT" which have it out for any firms coming into the Rapids territory that think they can take over their city and appropriately configure a scaled server in a cloud environment without client downtime.

"Motherfuckers be TRIPPING if they think they can come into the Rapids territory with their gnu distros," stated Salesforce admin specialist Yancey Harbottle. "I'll straight tell them to shut down their servers and then we will have a broken bottle fight up and DOWN Commerce City about the differences of our soccer teams."

According to sources within the underground MLS fight scene, the Hard Boyz Of IT have challenged the Pepe Meme Ultras of San Jose to a server load times rumble and bats only match in the parking lot next to the rec soccer fields next to Dick Sporting Goods Park.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the meet up is cancelled due to a lack of grounded power outlets in the area.