Journalist Realizes Current Soccer Zeitgeist Is Ready For Pay-To-Play Story He Wrote Three Months Ago

BOSTON - Soccer Journalist Zach Redding realized that today's soccer zeitgeist of stories about US Soccer's fundamentally broken youth system is perfectly ripe for a long form story he wrote on the AYSO and pay-to-play that didn't do particularly well three months ago.

Artist Interpretation

Artist Interpretation

"NOW IS THE TIME TO POUNCE," stated a highly caffeinated Redding as he quickly scanned through his archives for the story URL so that he could re-tweet it back out to the world. "I'm gonna finally get some eyes on this thing that I funded, investigated and researched on my own time."

Reportedly, Redding actually took time from his busy schedule of re-writing The 10 Best Beach Bods In The Premier League to investigate the current United States pay-to-play system and the implications of it on a nation from an soccer ethos and racial perspective only to have the story languish on a long form site for 3 long months til now.

"My time has come," gloated a shaking Redding as he quickly copied the link into his twitter status. "Finally, I'll get some credit for something other than Top 20 Premier League WAGS."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr Redding realizes he missed the peak moment to re-tweet his story as 26 other long form stories popped up while he was searching for the URL.