Blogger Works Hard To Somehow Connect Leicester City Victory To United States

Des Moines, IA - Blogger Steven Kuparik diligently worked on a story, Thursday, that would allow him to connect the seemingly dissimilar events of the Leicester City premier league title and the current landscape of American soccer.

"I'm not sure yet how this is going to work out," stated Mr Kuparik to The Nutmeg News, "but I'm hoping that when I'm done writing this story that my heart wrenching emotes will connect the two situations allowing all of us in the entire United States to bask in the reflective glory of the Leicester City championship."

Reportedly, Mr. Kuparik came to this idea as 10,000 bloggers did, by watching Chelsea draw Tottenham to hand Leicester the championship and then wondering, "what does this say about MY situation."

"I just wanted to understand myself better, my situation better and my soccer better by allowing all of that to be covered in the glory of the win of a mill town in England. Despite neither of the situations really having anything to do with each other, I'm going to struggle on through that for some tenuous grasps such as, 'the struggle for authenticity is one we face everywhere' or I'll cribb some of the data from Wells Thompson's ESPN piece that I'll pass off as new information for my tens of readers. Somehow, someway I'm connecting this victory to my own situation."