Soccer Blogger Brags Of His 900 Twitter Followers To His Two Disinterested Cats

Boulder, CO - "I could tell by the way he flexed his anus, that he was impressed," stated soccer blogger Thad Bartosky who reported that he finally was able to brag to his two disinterested cats that his Twitter account had 900 followers.

 "Mew," -- Gertrude Bartosky

"Mew," -- Gertrude Bartosky

"He really got his ass right up in my face as I was lounging on my side, in bed, refreshing my twitter homepage to see if I hit 900," stated Bartosky. "Clearly he either wanted to be pet, fed, or he was really impressed with the numbers rolling over to 900."

According to his cats Leopold and Gertrude, when Mr. Bartosky started on his adventure of writing and tweeting what he thinks about soccer they didn't think he had a snowballs chance in hell of making it to 100 followers much less 900. However, both cats reported a massive amount of indifference to the situation as they licked themselves, yawned, rolled over into a sunbeam and fell asleep.

"These guys have been by my side through thick and thin," stated Mr Bartosky to The Nutmeg News on Friday. "They've brought me half eaten shrews, puked in the linen closet and idly played with my leg as a scratching post when they were bored and I was sitting at my desk writing an epic take down of Bob Bradley. It's been a hell of an adventure."

Gertrude, an American Shorthair cat, reportedly stated, "mew" when asked by The Nutmeg News about Mr. Bartosky's achievement. Upon further pressing about Mr. Bartosky's personal life that would allow him to get to 900 followers, Gertrude horked up a hairball and licked her paws before arching her back and jumping up to a window ledge.

"I tell you, this achievement in my life will be sung by all my cats," stated Mr Bartosky. "They shall know of my victories, and they shall know that their life inspires mine."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Leopold and Gertrude wonder where the hell the homemade food was that Mr Bartosky randomly promised he would make for them when he hit 900 followers.