Renowned Explorer Returns From Two Month Trip To Explore Ancient PATH Train

NEW YORK - Renowned explorer Jacque Villaneau has recently returned from his trip to explore the wild PATH train and the riches of the subcontinent that exist in the wild beyond the borders of Manhattan. The infamous explorer will host a reception at the legendary Explorers Club on 46 East 70th Street to discuss.

Mr Villaneau pictured here (bottom row, far left) with the first PATH Train Explorers Legion.

Mr Villaneau pictured here (bottom row, far left) with the first PATH Train Explorers Legion.

Mr. Villaneau has told this press that his 2 month trip to find the end of the PATH train lead him into the dark underbelly and historical riches of the subcontinent that others haven't even seen before which include ritualistic sports, bizarre accents and language, and a massive arena that houses thousands of men which is located towards the end of the line.

"The massive arena rises out of the mist of the wild-lands of the Jersey like a mighty obelisk of doom," stated Mr. Villaneau to a collection of slack jawed East Village baristas. "Within this frightening structure they play a sport that requires the men they have collected from many areas to kick an inflated spheroid without requiring the use of their hands, a version not too dissimilar to the game we play in our stadiums for Base Ball."

Mr. Villaneau has collected and printed an album of black and white photo-graphs that he plans on displaying in a well lit, white painted room on thin twine so as to give them an ethereal feel in hopes that the setup of pictures, room and twine will pull the viewer into the rustic nature of the photos.

"This is to show everyone what these savages are doing out in the wastelands beyond our borders. Certainly I feared for death when exploring the PATH System, but I have returned victorious with pictures to boot. Perhaps at some point in the very distant future we can make the PATH System easy for others to ride which will allow even tourists to go visit the Sporting spectacle and massive city at the other end. Who knows what the future will hold."

"Into the Heart Of Darkness: The Penn Station" will premier at 8:30 pm at the Explorer's Club. Smart dress is required.