Pioneers Of Equality: Man Plays Seattle Reign Game On Tablet

Bremerton, WA - Seattle sports fan Paul Oliver made the bold decision to play the live Seattle Reign game on his Nexus Tablet while watching the Sounders replay on his phone and the Mariners game he DVR'd on Television on Sunday.

"I think something happened in one of the games, but I'm not entirely certain what it is."

"I think something happened in one of the games, but I'm not entirely certain what it is."

"I was going to watch the Reign game on my phone, the Sounders replay on my tablet and the Mariners game on TV, but I decided... you know what? Time to give those gals their due, so I moved the Reign game to my tablet, the Sounders replay to my phone and kept the Mariners on TV," stated Oliver to The Nutmeg News on Monday.

"I'm a woman's man and as such I think it's important to keep progressing the social order of things. That's why I gave the Reign second billing in my household. Now granted, I had to make a few errand runs while the games were going on, but I can guarantee that my tablet stayed on the YouTube stream most of the night."

While Mr Oliver's progressive stance stands in stark contrast to his neighbors, he forges ahead with his feminist belief that the Reign deserve second billing in his household.

"It's like I say. Equality is me giving second billing to the women while the Mariners piss away another game in Kansas City on a DVR recording I would have watched live if I wasn't at the farmers market all afternoon. We are breaking boundaries here. Just three years ago, I didn't even acknowledge the Reign, but now we are here and I'm seriously thinking of purchasing an Alex Morgan kit for my daughter Elizabeth."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr. Oliver proudly contemplates his new feminist ideal.