Eight Month Title Drought Comes To Dramatic End For New Leicester Fan

NEW YORK - Leicester City fan Bob Steward finally had his title drought come to an end in dramatic fashion after Chelsea Football Club knocked Tottenham Hotspur out of the Premier League title race on Monday evening to hand Leicester City FC the Premier League title.


Photo Credit: AP


"It's been a tough 8 months since I switched from being a Chelsea fan to being a Leicester City fan," stated Mr Steward to the Nutmeg News on Monday evening. "But finally my suffering has come to an end. We are champions for the first time since.... um... hold on, let me check wikipedia..... Oh... EVER. CHAMPIONS FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! What a feeling"

While Mr. Steward was celebrating Chelsea's title last season at this time, he didn't know what a long trip it would be towards supporting Leicester City as he switched his allegiances just in enough time to suffer through months of a title drought that extended back to the formation of the club in 1884. 

"It's a been a long time coming since  Leicester City was formed by a group of old boys of Wyggeston School as 'Leicester Fosse' until just now, when we became champions," stated Mr Steward as he casually browsed the Leicester City wikipedia page. 

"I'm just getting tearful thinking about the long time, and I'm planning on celebrating by ordering my Manchester City kit for next season right now."

Reportedly, the friends of Mr. Steward say that they have never known a bigger Leicester City fan as none of them before 2016 even knew that Leicester City existed.

"Yeah, Bob is really a huge fan of Leicester City and Chelsea so today was a great day for him. He really seems to love all teams in blue," stated friend Andrea Townsend. "It's a great day for him and almost as good a day as the day when he learned how to appropriately pronounce the name of the city. What a day to be a fan for the last 8 months."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr. Steward celebrates vociferously.