Editor's Correction: Terminology Used In Recent Article On Rivalry Week


In a recent article on Heineken Rivalry Week, The Nutmeg News identified this gentleman...

As a "Shit DJ"

We would formally like to apologize to all actual DJ's out there as we identified him incorrectly.

The appropriate terminology for this individual is "Shit MP3 collector and button pusher.

Despite the appearance of two pioneer branded decks, the appearance of a branded laptop with vague headphones and the man looking directly at the screen and no visible record crate or records what so ever indicates that likely this man is just playing MP3s or Spotify.

The Nutmeg News holds actual vinyl playing DJ's in high regard and will make every attempt in the future to indicate the correct terminology when referring to "shit, button mashing posers utilizing a laptop to pretend spin tracks as they use a digital mixer to fade tracks like Harlem Shake out for whatever else is the current fad." We thank you for your patience and formally apologize to all actual DJ's out there.