Major League Soccer Set To Retroactively Ban Supporters For Indecent Acts

A press release handed down today from Ray Whitworth, director of Major League Soccer security, has indicated that Major League Soccer is retroactively banning a number of supporters in Major League Soccer for acts that have happened out of the stadium including rowdiness, lewd behavior, drunkenness, listening to illicit music, eating cured meats, flares, smoke, smoking, and not calling their mother on Mothers Day.

The Nutmeg News spoke to Mr Whitworth and he had the following to say, "In an effort at curtailing future problems in the stadium, we have decided to police the activities that happen outside the stadium. We have a right to know if the supporters that attend our games are watching Partizan games, or Hajduk Split youtube videos, or the Sound Of Music but not the Julie Andrews version, or if they are making banners that we don't like, or setting off smoke a few blocks from the stadium. All of these may seem like petty crimes that a league shouldn't concern itself with, but it is important for us as an entity to make certain that we stop all of this before it even enters our stadium."

The press release from Mr Whitworth and Major League Soccer contains names that we have redacted for privacy, however the impact is absolute. They will be banned for activities that occurred outside the stadium, re-banned for activities that happened inside the stadium that they weren't contrite enough about the first time, or banned for activities that they might do in the future. 

According to sources with the league, Major League Soccer wants to ensure that it controls the gameday experience from the time a supporter wakes up in the morning to the time that they step through the bag search line to the pat down line, into the line for the metal detector, and then are randomly selected for the invasive search and then enter the stadium to buy their $11 Budweiser.