Aston Villa's Spectacle Of Desperation Energizes Promotion And Relegation Supporter

Tallahassee, FL - Promotion and Relegation supporter and sometime soccer fan David Carliso stated that Aston Villa's spectacle of desperation was an re-energizing moment in his quixotic quest to bring Promotion and Relegation to the United States.

This could be US!

This could be US!

"We can do this!" stated Mr. Carliso to his 46 friends on Twitter. "Just imagine, it could be the Chicago Fire that are not only playing horrifyingly bad soccer, but also having their fans having a nauseatingly painful, slow, permeating realization that they not only have terrible ownership but that they are also watching their team implode while free falling into the Championship and beyond. Think of the possibilities. Portland would likely be back in the USL because of their 2012 season, never would have attracted Caleb Porter to the team, and wouldn't have won the 2015 Championship. Toronto would likely still be in the USL because of 2012, Giovinco would probably be with Racing Santander or somewhere exotic. Chicago would likely be in the NPSL at this rate. Columbus is in the position of freefall, Miami could be next! Think about how great it would be to have all the Cascadia teams back in the USL or even the NPSL." 

While some would consider the delight of Mr. Carliso as ghoulish, he sees exactly the opposite. "Promotion and Relegation would allow horrifyingly bad teams, such as Aston Villa or Chicago or Columbus this season to suffer the far reaching consequences of playing bad. You can see it with Aston Villa who have not picked up their game at all and have essentially conceded the rest of their season since about November. That's the magic of relegation, the slow plunging dagger into the hearts of others who have to watch their team slowly be picked apart like rooting for Vultures to devour carrion. It's just utterly entrancing."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr. Carliso utilizes Villa fans agony as fuel for his advocacy.