Office Environment Smolders As Baseball And Soccer Fan Unite

Salt Lake City, UT - Office buddies Tomas Smith and Harry Thorgood have admitted to a smoldering friendship as both have started to learn about each others sports in order to have someone with which to talk.

"Are we talking Chris Wingert? Because I can talk Chris Wingert"

"Are we talking Chris Wingert? Because I can talk Chris Wingert"

"Well, he's a Minnesota Twins fan and I'm a Real Salt Lake fan and we just decided to learn about each others sports, teams and league so that we could actually have a conversation that didn't revolve around football or basketball," stated Mr Smith to The Nutmeg News on Friday. 

Reportedly, both employees are used to suffering through at least 30 minutes of Jazz, Ute, BYU, or NFL sports recaps at work while attempting to feign a modicum of interest.

"I noticed that Tom would just start glassing over in his eyes so I figured he wasn't a college football or hoops fan," stated Mr. Thorgood. "When I found out that he was interested in soccer, I decided to broker the idea of a pact so that we could both have someone to talk with. I would learn about Real Salt Lake and he would learn about the Twins. It's been great to have someone to talk with at work."

Mr. Smith reported that the two had a brisk 20 minute conversation about the future of Jeff Cassar and the batting prowess of Joe Mauer.

"It was nice to actually be able to have a conversation that didn't revolve around Quin Snyder and whether he is actually going to succeed," stated both friends to The Nutmeg News.

"Honestly, neither of us actually even care if we are compatible in any other way than being able to have a conversation," stated Mr. Smith "I don't even know if Harry has a wife.... you got a wife, Harry? A husband? Kids? House?  I don't really even give a hoot, honestly. Don't even tell me. Let's just continue to have conversations about the designated hitter and adding instant replay to matches in MLS."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as both men instant message each other about the upcoming Galaxy and Nationals game as they stare at their screens and wonder when the appropriate time is to update ones resume and whether this is the life they wanted for themselves and where was that thought about becoming an international explorer, it's all but gone and now they are both in their 30s and travelling seems too expensive given the state of airfare recently, but hey have you been to Ogden recently? They are getting some nice places to go up there and the music festival was a blast last year.