Man Shows His Disgust Of MLS By Watching Games All Day Saturday And Live Tweeting His Rage

Miami, FL - David Marrow spent most of his day on Saturday watching Major League Soccer in order to live tweet his disgust with Major League Soccer.

The world must KNOW!

The world must KNOW!

"That pass shows why the international cabal of business owners have failed at creating a proper league," stated Morrow on his twitter account @REALSoccerKnowledge. "If we had an open system, players like Brad Davis and Michael Bradley wouldn't even be on the field," he typed with singular ferocity as he struck back at the establishment one tweet at a time.

The Nutmeg News spoke to Mr Marrow's wife, Barbara, about the situation and she was shocked to find out that he spent his entire Saturday watching something he hated.

"I thought he spent his entire day watching the game that he loved," stated Barbara Marrow to The Nutmeg News on Tuesday. "That's why I planned some activities of my own with my friends that day! Why on earth would any sane person actually spend an entire day watching games of a league that they hate filled with player they despise and ownership groups they loathe? Who lives this way?"

The Nutmeg News can confirm that Mr Morrow sent approximately 65 tweets between the 15th minute and the 45th minute of the Houston Dynamo and New York Red Bull game covering an entire span of topics which included but were not exclusive to the following: poor training, poor players, his hate of closed systems, people who call people Eurosnobs, people who only watch MLS, people who think Sacha Kljestan is a good player, people who use the word World Class, people who think Freddy Adu was any good, people who still support Red Bull New York after the re-brand, youth soccer, youth soccer referees, pay to play, US Soccer, Expansion Fees in Major League Soccer, Tactics, positional play by terrible US fullbacks, Jurgen Klinsmann, and the attempt by Sunil Gulati to bug his phones.

"It is important that people know that what I know is right," stated Mr Marrow to The Nutmeg News on Monday evening. "I'm going to hate watch Major League Soccer in order to pick it apart and then I'm going to tell it like it is."

The Nutmeg News asked Mr Marrow if this wasn't really just a colossal waste of his time and he stated the following, "Probably, but I love soccer to much to not watch it and complain about about the league relentlessly to the thousands of people that follow me in order to hear me complain about the soccer that I hate but that I still watch."