Chicago and Columbus Fans Both Agree To Forget Game Ever Happened

CHICAGO - Fans of both the Chicago Fire and the Columbus Crew agreed to forget that the game they played on Saturday ever happened.

This shot is more entertaining than 99% of the game

This shot is more entertaining than 99% of the game

"I like 0-0 games. I love 0-0 games. I've seen 0-0 games that entertain the mind and enthrall the soul," stated Chicago Fire fan Thomas Szubaj. "This was not one of them. This was an attempt to play soccer that ended with two equally awful sides trying to kick the ball around each other, unsuccessfully. It was frustration personified. I actually had more fun watching my nephew's u-12 team kicking the ball around on Friday night. This just sucked."

The Nutmeg News also spoke with Crew fan Lawrence Steves who had the following to say, "We came. We sang. We conquered. We fell asleep. No one should be happy with that. No one should tell anyone anywhere to watch that. It is done. Let us never speak of this again and get us the hell out of Chicago."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as both sets of fans try to imagine that they won't see this again a few more times this season.