Sporting Kansas City Fan Upset With Lack Of Poor Ownership To Complain About

Kansas City, KS - Sporting Kansas City fan David Quincy admitted that he is a bit upset with the fact that he doesn't have anything to complain about regarding the ownership of Sporting Kansas City

"Establishment... Establishment.... I love your onion rings!"

"Establishment... Establishment.... I love your onion rings!"

"We are winning, we have a new bar, we have a beautiful stadium, and we have a committed ownership. I can't be against modern football if I'm for all the comforts that modern football brought me. It's quite a dilemma," stated Mr Quincy to The Nutmeg News on Tuesday.

Reportedly, Mr Quincy has positioned himself as being Against Modern Football for a number of years, but feels that his pursuit of status within that group is now in danger with his acceptance of his current comfortable lifestyle.

"It's hard to be against the establishment when the establishment has given you an MLS cup and two US Open Cups in the past 4 seasons with all the stadium and non stadium items and perks. I'm still planning on hanging an 'Against Modern Football' banner but I'm going to put '(except for our ownership which is pretty great)' in really small text underneath. That way I can cover all my bases."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr Quincy reconsiders his stance on pyro in the stadium because the $1 tacos are so damn good at the No Other Pub.