Major League Soccer T.I.F.O Rankings: Week 2

Welcome to the second week of the rest of your life, Major League Soccer fans and fans of teams within this league, fans of other leagues, and fans of the the Purina International Dog show that somehow got here.

The Nutmeg News has collected and summarized the Top 3 best T.I.F.O displays in the league from the supporters groups associated with those teams. Why Top 3? Because there was a sale on kits at Ross and we needed to take advantage for future MEGA KIT GIVEAWAYS (tm).

These rankings are iron clad and fully vested within all states and provinces except for Guam and Alberta. They are non-negotiable and if you disagree, you are wrong. Having said that, here are the best T.I.F.O displays of the week.

#1 New York City FC - Third Rail

Summary: There is nothing better than a philosophical debate espoused by a supporters group in message format, and so the #1 position this week goes to the Third Rail, who asks, "Whose World Is This?" as though it was debating freshman year Immanuel Kant in front of their girlfriend. Honestly, there was no reason to default to Kant when they spent most of the time studying Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten and his new meaning of aesthetics.


#2 New England Revolution - The Fort

Summary: Enjoying a dabble into a mixed medium T.I.F.O of cut holes, fabric and paint, supporters in The Fort decided they were going to try a new avant garde method of display and painting. Revolution supporters utilized a T.I.F.O display that would show the fragility of life and this ideal resulted in approximately 10,000 holes in the fabric to show directly the delicate composition of life justaposed against the color of ones existence as it flits in and out of the lines of a path. Very new, very different. As well, the juxtaposition of staff and hole indicates that the figure was poking out their own holes in their own painting adding a subsection of life in art in life in art in life in art in life that depicts the utter fecklessness of life, hell, religion and the Vatican. 

#3 Colorado Rapids - Centennial 38/Various

Summary: This T.I.F.O is really just great. It is utterly fantastic at every level. The scope, the painting, the idea, the framing, and the fact that a T.I.F.O display this large can be held up by all 7 of the people in that section. 



This weeks dishonorable mention goes to......

Sporting Kansas City - South Stand SC



Really?........ REALLY?! 




At least we can be certain the millennials were happy. And one could make the argument that appropriating a fan of Toronto FC is some kind of statement, even though SKC weren't playing Toronto. If they WERE playing Toronto FC, then this would be an interesting combination of game and display. Sadly, Sporting Kansas City was not playing Toronto, they were playing Vancouver. Despite the fact that Canadians might be interchangeable between Ontario and British Columbia, there is no argument that Vancouver are actually Toronto FC. The good news is that likely everyone not aged 22 and under was wondering why the guy on the banner was rubbing MLS cup on his ass.