Friends Through Soccer Begin Every Conversation With, "Are You Watching?"

Philadelphia, PA - Dave Douglas and Nathan Embry met through standing next to each other at Philadelphia Union games in the Sons Of Ben section. As their friendship blossomed, both friends realized that they now start every in-person conversation or text message during the week with an obligatory, "Are you watching?" referencing the current game of the day.

"Have you watched Tottenham/Arsenal yet?"

"Have you watched Tottenham/Arsenal yet?"

"We realized that it has now been 2 years of starting every conversation with an 'are you watching' or 'have you watched' to each other," stated Mr Douglas. "Every weekend it is some other game and another time that we use AYW or HYW as a preface to any conversation. We both value our ability to not spoil the European games that the other might not have the chance to watch immediately."

While Mr Douglas and Mr Embry both make the attempt to ensure that one doesn't spoil any soccer games that the other isn't currently watching or hasn't watched yet, their text messages are a delicate dance of leading phrases and generalized words to ensure that the other has actually watched what the first is currently watching.

"It's important to be considerate of the others schedule," stated Mr Embry. "Sometimes Dave isn't up early to watch the games, so I'll wait a bit and then text him if he is up, followed by a 'are you watching?' If he doesn't respond, I'll wait til the second game and send over a 'Have you watched?' while ensuring that I give enough time between sending the second text message and any other subsequent message to avoid giving the idea that perhaps something amazing happened, as that too would spoil the days games."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as this exhausting dance of respectability continues.