Fan Appropriately Gruntled With Vancouver Whitecaps Season Ticket Gift

Vancouver, BC - Whitecaps Fan Andrew Freeman has announced that he feels appropriately gruntled with the Vancouver Whitecaps season ticket gift as he reacted online to his reception of the items on Wednesday.

Courtesy of  @haalass777

Courtesy of @haalass777

"I am neither overwhelmed, nor underwhelmed nor simply whelmed, neither am I disgruntled nor overgruntled, but simply just gruntled," stated Freeman on his twitter account.

The package from the Vancouver Whitecaps included a variety of items of mediocre significance, but not so poor as to attract derision nor so wealthy as to cause jealousy allowing Mr Freeman the ability to stay in the middle of the road regarding his feelings.

"I like lanyards, and I appreciate the pre-punched hole," stated Mr Freeman. "I'm also rather ambivalent about booklets verging towards appreciating them, and I feel that, despite the front office using the old Southsiders logo, my un-boxing experience has left me quite gruntled."

While Mr. Freeman is quite "O.K." with his gift, others are calling this season ticket holder gift the travesty of the century, that lanyards are a joke, that the logo mistake is sloppy and that the loyalty portal is the gateway to a eugenics lab to breed better players for the Whitecaps through DNA splicing.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the dust settles on the gruntled versus disgruntled debate of a fan base.