Journalist Runs Out Of Energy While Writing Team Specific Season Previews

TORONTO - Sports Journalist Kevin Fruend admitted that he ran out of energy while writing the season preview for each of the 20 teams in Major League Soccer for 2016.

Just don't look at the non-glamorous teams... we mailed those in.

Just don't look at the non-glamorous teams... we mailed those in.

"I was on fire for the first 12 and then I started to peter out," admitted Fruend to The Nutmeg News on Friday. "Once I started getting into the team specific variables for San Jose, Colorado, Chicago and Houston I just started losing concentration."

Fruend stated that he really honestly tried to write something specific for each team that his readers would enjoy, but that it was just too hard to come up with things for teams that he just didn't really care about.

"I mean, whats the angle on San Jose? New players that actually have already played there before and another year of messing around with the minutes for Tommy Thompson? Positives: Um ... ok... how about, not boring fans to tears and making the playoffs by backing into them with one game left in the season. I mean, c'mon, what do I have to write about there?"

With the deadline for Fruend's team previews arriving quickly, he stated that he is just going to figure out a boilerplate template that he can use to finish out the final 8 teams in Major League Soccer and then call it a night. 

"Hopefully my editor will start with TFC first, since I put the most effort into them and then everyone will just skim the rest."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as one person comments that his writing is lazy in the comments section of his San Jose article.