"Why Would Anyone Want To Watch An Inferior Product?" Rants Idiot MLS Fan About The NWSL

Galveston, TX - David Haney, a Houston Dynamo fan, took time from his busy schedule working at the Waffle House on 61st St to bash women's soccer and the NWSL for being an inferior product despite watching every home and away Houston Dynamo game this season.

Haney submits every post by bashing his head into random keys.

Haney submits every post by bashing his head into random keys.

"Why would anyone want to watch an inferior product? It's just women's soccer," stated Haney. "None of the women in the NWSL play with the athletic grace of a Boniek Garcia. I just don't understand why anyone would want to watch an inferior product when MLS is available."

Reportedly, Haney spent the last two days telling everyone on the social media and stormfront recruiting center website Reddit that the NWSL wasn't worth anyone's time as it didn't meet the high standard that Major League Soccer has set in the United States.

"As a Dynamo fan, it behooves me to say that I just can't understand why anyone would follow the Dash. The Dynamo have set such a high standard that it beggars belief that anyone would want to watch a game. MLS is the gold standard of greatness, and everyone knows it. There isn't any other better product in this galaxy or the next than Major League Soccer. That's why it is called Major League, because it is the best. MEN play Major League Soccer. Yes, that's right. Why on earth anyone would watch an NWSL game when they can watch Ricardo Clark meltdown in the middle of the field is beyond me. The NWSL players are slow, they play the game differently, and they have pony tails... PONY TAILS. My god, you can just SEE how awful they are. They need fast players like Will Bruin and David Horst. If the NWSL had more players like Will Bruin, then maybe we could talk about how people should be watching the NWSL."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Haney takes his idiotic viewpoints to Twitter.