Luke Warm Miami Sports Fans Unaware They Are About To Miss Opportunity To Not Attend Miami MLS Games

Miami, FL - Luke warm Miami sports fans were, reportedly, unaware that they are about to miss a golden opportunity to not attend MLS Miami games as the Beckham FC franchise teetered on the brink of disaster.

The throbbing current of the Miami sports scene.

The throbbing current of the Miami sports scene.

"I'm moderately pissed that I won't have the chance to ignore and not attend MLS games while meeting my friends at the beach for a party," stated Carlos Gutierrez. "It's pretty ridiculous that I won't have the same chance to not attend soccer, locally, like I do with the Heat and the Marlins."

Reportedly, hundreds of thousands of fans across Miami were also unaware that their chance to snub a local soccer team was close to evaporating.

"We are going to NOT get an MLS team? When were we going to get one? Didn't we already have something like that?" stated Veronica Nelson of South Beach.

"Wait, is this that whole thing with the guy from LA? Is that still happening?" stated Howard Marin of Wynwood.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as more Miami fans wake up to the fact that they are going to miss out on the chance to miss out on soccer.