Despite Excitement Over MLS Cup Win, Sounders Fan Decides To Not Re-Watch Game

Seattle, WA - Despite his excitement over the Seattle Sounders MLS Cup victory, Sounders fan Jerrod Abel decided to not re-watch the game, settling for a replay of the penalty kicks instead.

Pretty much the only exciting part of the game.

Pretty much the only exciting part of the game.

"I've already bought a championship scarf, a t-shirt and re-watched the final kick a few times, but honestly... I really don't want to re-watch the game," stated Abel to The Nutmeg News. 

"Look there's absolutely nothing in that 120 minutes of soccer that I need to see again. It's really all about the 5 kicks that we took at the end of all that that makes it worth while."

Reportedly, Abel set his DVR to catch the game and wisely set it to extend in case the game went to extra time. Upon arriving home from the bar after celebrating the victory, he then had to decide if he wanted to keep a copy of the dirge like procession to penalty kicks.

"So far, I've kept it as a memento, but I have no reason to watch it ever again. I'm just leaving it there so I smile when I open my DVR. Eventually I'll probably cave and try to watch it before I delete it from my play list. I just can't imagine wanting to sit through over two hours of that again, when I can just watch the penalty kicks in a few minutes on youtube."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Abel decides that all he really needs from the MLS Championship game is the shot of Roman Torres celebrating because Fox didn't cover the shot anyway.