Unpatriotic Canadian Soccer Fan Refuses To Vote In US Presidential Election

VANCOUVER - Canadian soccer fan Veronika Maplethorp reportedly posted a joking tweet that she would not be voting in the United States presidential election confounding the thousands of people from the United States that follow her for her quick quips on soccer while remaining completely unaware that she is Canadian despite Maplethorp having this information in her Twitter profile.

"You have WHO running for president?"

"You have WHO running for president?"

"YOU UNPATRIOTIC SHIT! GO AND VOTE," stated @RelegationNOW, a twitter account set up by soccer fan Hank Plasco of Bremerton, WA who was reportedly unaware after a year of following her account that Ms. Maplethorp is actually Canadian.

"It's people like you that give millennials a bad name!" stated @NationalsWADC who started following Ms. Maplethorp because he saw a friend re-tweet her joking post about not voting in the general election.

"Another young person taking advantage of the system, you are a disappointment to this great country and a leech upon the system. My brother did not die in Vietnam for this," stated @Retired1965 who started following Ms. Maplethorp's account in hope of more candid bikini shots from her sun soaked adventure to Aruba.

According to friends, Ms. Maplethorp was very confused that many of her followers were unaware that she was Canadian, but that she was determined to troll those who were slating her for not voting.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Ms. Maplethorp photoshops herself into a picture with three ballots, two guns and a picture caption of "DONALD TRUMP, YA'LL".