10 Years Of Soccer From David Albelda To David Villa To David Luiz Leaves Man Unable To Say David Correctly

Charleston, SC - Soccer fan James Smith admitted that 10 years of watching European soccer with players like David Albelda, David Silva, David Luiz and David Villa has left him unable to pronounce the word David as anything but Dah-Vid.

"It's Bahlenthia!"

"It's Bahlenthia!"

"My friend David Anderson won't let me forget this is the case. I can't even say HIS name anymore and when I tried to just give him a nickname he wouldn't accept it," stated Mr. Smith to The Nutmeg News on Tuesday. 

"This whole thing started with casually watching soccer on the weekend. If I knew what I know now... oh god...I just wish I could say David the right way!"

Our reporter asked Mr Smith who his favorite baseball player is and he stated, "Dahvid Ortiz. You know.. Big Papá"

Smith finished his interview by screaming, "DAH-VID... DAH-VID... DAHVID," before running into the street screaming unintelligible curses and the word "Aluminium".

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr Smith just decides that he gets to say Dahvid before it was cool.