Procrastinating Soccer Fan Goes As Soccer Fan For Halloween

Kansas City, KS - Procrastinating soccer fan Ashely Iswale finally caved to the pressure of the ticking clock and decided to go as a soccer fan for Halloween as she donned every scarf and piece of team gear she had in her closet.



"I couldn't think of anything to dress up as for this Halloween. I wasn't going to be Harley Quinn, and I was a lego person last year, and look...... I just couldn't think of anything I really wanted to do, this season," stated Iswale to The Nutmeg News. 

Reportedly, Iswale rooted through her closet for every single piece of clothing and wearable memorabilia related to Sporting Kansas City and the Kansas City Wizards that she could wear as she drenched herself in gear.

"I put on a throwback Jimmy Conrad Wizards kit, a SKC long sleeve t-shirt under that, a SKC Windbreaker, SKC pants, four scarves, a headband that i found in the Cauldron,  and even a branded SKC drink coozy," stated Iswale. 

Even Iswale admitted to being surprised by how much branded Kansas City soccer gear she had in her closet, but according to her Facebook status, "it did make my decision easier."

"I'm not certain when I got to the point when I could dress all in my team's gear from head to toe, but at this point I'm just happy I have something I can go as for Halloween without having to spend any additional money."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Iswale runs into her friend Carla Crowdin who decided to go full kit wanker.