90 Minutes To Dictate Next Six Months Of Mental Health For Soccer Fans

Soccer fans watching their team battle for the final playoff spot in the west admitted that the final 90 minutes of games in the league will dictate the next six months of mental health for them as fall rolls into winter and the days become shorter.

"Why, Ozzie..... WHY?"   Deborah Helms - Federal Way, WA

"Why, Ozzie..... WHY?" 

Deborah Helms - Federal Way, WA

"Seasonal affective disorder AND the possible end of the season? I'm already feeling depressed, crushed and bored," stated Timbers fan Scott Howard who spoke with The Nutmeg News on Monday morning. "No, YOU sit in that house and weather the storms and crippling depression. And think about how you know its not going to be any better next year. Your team is never going to win."

Howard's Timbers may be on the outside looking in, but for fans of teams above the red line, things aren't any better.

"Woo. Thanks. No, its cool. Don't try and end the season in the spring when I can go outside and do yardwork and go for walks." stated Deborah Helms, a Seattle Sounders fan from Federal Way, Washington. "If we lose next weekend, its going to be a long winter. I'm not even certain if we should even BE in this position given how the middle of our season went."

"Anything can happen. ANYTHING. The final 90 minutes of the season have the possibility of leaving me effervescently buoyant or absolutely crushed," stated Quincy Adams, a Real Salt Lake fan from Ogden, Utah. "It's already dark, it isn't ski season yet, the weather is already changing and all I want to do is watch my team play in the playoffs so I don't have to spend the next few months thinking about the disappointing end to a long season"

The Nutmeg News, as well, spoke to Sporting Kansas City fan Dwayne Purcey who stated, "Already starting to get blustery, rain by the end of the month, getting those grey days, oh god... SKC.... you better make the playoffs. Lord knows that I can't rely on the Chiefs to make me feel better as them teetering on the edge of respectability is always a harbinger of a painful failure and spring training is too far away. For the love of all that is holy, you NEED to make the playoffs, I just need something in which to believe."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as one fan slips into a dark depression after the end of the season.