NWSL Announce Helsinki As Next Location For Championship Game

The National Women's Soccer League (NWSL), today, announced Kartanon (tekonurmi) field in Helsinki, Finland as the next location for the 2017 NWSL Championship game.

Better amenities than Yurcak Field.

Better amenities than Yurcak Field.

The NWSL and Commissioner Jeff Plush stated that after the overwhelming success of the neutral field venue, over the past two years, that they wanted to export the best women's league in the world to Finland to increase the international exposure.

"It's important for us to connect our league with the Finnish demographic," stated a half naked Jeff Plush from the relaxing Herrankukkaro sauna in the town of Naantali. "We are working with Finland on a regional broadcast package which would allow us to get a game of the week in the northern half of the town of Tampere."

Reportedly, the NWSL is receiving a half-ton of Juustoleipä (Finnish squeaky cheese) in compensation for the broadcasting package and is attempting to use their new Scandinavian connections to work on a broadcasting package for the people of Lysebotn, Norway.

"We can really interconnect Norway, Sweden and Finland to build a coalition of Nordic countries," stated Plush as he asked for more hot stones be brought into the sauna. "We think the NWSL fans will travel just fine, I mean look at the nearly sold out crowd that we got in Houston. It was amazing there. You should have been there. The stadium was WAY more full in person. Trust me, Helsinki is going to go off. PLUSH OUT."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the NWSL negotiates with Qatar for the 2018 Championship game.