Jordan Morris Returns From Werder Bremen To Begin New Career

Seattle, WA - Jordan Morris returned from his successful trial with Werder Bremen to start his new career with Hotdog On A Stick at The Outlet Collection in Seattle, Washington on Friday.

"Would you like a Veggi Dog on a stick with that?"

"Would you like a Veggi Dog on a stick with that?"

"I'm excited to be taking this new step in my life," stated Morris to The Nutmeg News. "It's a big step for me after my wanderlust month in Germany, but this is really what I'm passionate about. Hot Dogs and the fine perfection of a gourmet hotdog experience."

Morris reportedly had a number of offers from both the German club and teams in the United States, but he considered his options and realized that a Stanford education would open doors for him at Hotdog On A Stick, that playing for the Seattle Sounders would not.

"I dream of getting in the corporate office with Hotdog On A Stick, and possibly working my way into the R&D department. I want to bring out the wasabi dog, the chipotle dog, and a few other special projects that I've been working on testing while I was in Germany. Werder wanted someone focused on soccer, but my focus is on my wieners. It's time for America to have a true Hotdog On A Stick experience."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Jurgen Klinsmann has an aneurysm over this news.