Tampa Bay Mutiny Confirm 2001 Trade Of Assets To Colorado Rapids

Tampa Bay, FL - Today, the defunct and long dead ownership group of the Tampa Bay Mutiny had their trade to the Colorado Rapids of a 2002 second round draft pick, a ball washer, the managerial career of Perry Van der Beck and the curse of poor ownership confirmed by Major League Soccer after 15 years.

"We figured that now  was as good a time as any to confirm that we made this trade to the general public" said ex-president of the Mutiny, Bill Manning. "Look we needed to get the stink of our ownership off the franchise. We were going under and we just needed to pass this off to anybody. Stan Kroenke didn't even remember he had a soccer team in Colorado at that time so he was more than happy to take on the curse of our non-existent ownership at that time."

While terms and conditions of the deal were not announced, Mark Abbot (the president of Major League Soccer) stated that he thought now was as good a time as any to announce the trade.

"We did it because people were digging around in other things and we hoped this would show our commitment to transparency. In the end, everyone still found out about the trade between D.C. United and the New York Red Bulls from 2015 AND we had to announce this deal between the Mutiny and Rapids. So... yeah... today hasn't been a great day."

The Nutmeg News will have more on these secret dealings when Major League Soccer announce that Landon Donovan was being paid by the San Jose Earthquakes every season since 2004.